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** Pickup - Please pull up to the front of the store and call the store service desk to notify them you have arrived.
** Delivery - The delivery window is typically 2 hours before to 2 hours after your scheduled slot. Deliveries are sent out by location,  not time.
If you are unable to select a time - PLEASE make sure you are at least 4 hours out and have a time slot between 9am and 6pm Mon-Sat and 11-5 Sunday; you will need to refresh and hit pay after you make this change. 


No shopping fee

* Delivery - 
10.00 up to 10 miles - plus $1.50 for each additional mile after 10 ($25 minimum for Delivery)

Curbside and delivery hours:
Monday – Saturday
9 am to 6 pm

11 am to 5 pm


**Please do not come to the store until you receive a notification that your order is ready
- If you have not received one, and it is 2 hours past your time slot, please call the store.

**If Something is not on our website (including beer and wine ID required) PLEASE add it to the NOTES section at checkout. If we have the product we will add it to your order. 

** Web and Store prices may differ. Your order is just an estimated total and a final amount will be charged at checkout. The initial hold will fall off of your card in a few days.

** Free bread and other daily hot deal items are in-store ONLY and not valid for curbside pickup or delivery

** Orders cannot be modified after you receive the "order complete" notification.  Add-ons or deletions will not be accepted at delivery to your home or car.

Please click here for curbside terms and conditions

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