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Beers Under $20


Arbor Brewing Oktoberfest (Ypsilanti, Michigan) $11.99

This is a lager that would feel right at home in any beer tent in Munich! Whether you're celebrating the marriage of a Bavarian nobleman or just grabbing a six pack while you're figuring out what to make for dinner (maybe some roast meat- it's Oktoberfest tradition!), you're sure to enjoy this festive brew. Plenty of Pilsner and Munich malts make this a rich and sweet way to ring in the fall season. Prost!


Dogfish Head SuperEIGHT (Milton, Delaware) $12.99

This beer is as delicious as it is unconventional-  what else would we expect from the magnificent minds at Dogfish Head?! SuperEIGHT, as the name might suggest, was actually first created in collaboration with Kodak after DFH founder Sam Calagione learned that any liquid with enough acidity could likely be used to develop film. The brewers packed this beer with lots of fruit juice in order to boost the ascorbic and citric acid content, and then added Hawaiian sea salt to temper the tartness- and guess what? The experiment worked! Luckily, developing film is not all this beer is good for- it's also incredibly flavorful with seven different fruits all bringing something to the party. 


Monk's Café (Ertvelde, East Flanders, Belgium) $14.99

A special beer made especially for a special place! Monk's Café is a Belgian restaurant and bar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its beer selection makes it one of the country's top destinations for enthusiasts.  The folks at Monk's Café decided to reach out to Brouwerij Van Steenberge in East Flanders to produce their very own house beer. Brewed in the traditional style of the Oud Bruin (that's Old Brown if your Flemish is rusty), Monk's Café is mildly sour with notes of balsamic vinegar and tart cherry. If a trip to Philly isn't in the cards this year, this beer is surely the next best thing!


Southern Tier Nitro Crème Brulee (Lakewood, New York) $14.99

Southern Tier adds another name to their list of luscious dessert beers with Nitro Crème Brulee. A nitrogen widget at the bottom of the can lends this imperial stout a rich and creamy texture while lactose and vanilla beans deliver that toasted custard flavor you know and love. Nitro Crème Brulee is the perfect nightcap for a cool evening.


Southern Tier Pumking (Lakewood, New York) $16.99

Southern Tier is back at it again with their famous and highly sought-after pumpkln offering.  For us to feature the same brewery twice in a row, it just has to be good! Sweet malts, pumpkin, and baking spices lead the way on this strong brew. Complex and robust, this is a beer lover's pumpkin beer. Even though the beer is served cool, Pumking will keep you feeling warm.

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