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Curbside Terms and Conditions


** Curbside orders can only be picked up during the designated pickup times unless other arrangements have been made. 

** Orders not picked up will be available for 24 hours after the order pickup date and time. 

** No refunds will be issued for orders not picked up.  No refunds will be issued upon delivery to your home, or car (for pickup).  If you wish to return an item, you must go in the store to the customer service desk. 

** Bottle returns and coupons will not be accepted at pickup or delivery, and are not valid with curbside or delivery orders. 

** Bridge cards and checks may not be used to pay for curbside and delivery orders.   

** Free bread and other daily hot deal items are in-store specials only, and not valid on curbside or delivery orders. 

** Orders cannot be modified after you receive the "order complete" notification.  Add-ons or deletions will not be accepted at delivery to your home or car. 

** Online and in-store pricing may vary.  Pricing you see while placing your order is just an estimate, and may increase or decrease at actual time of checkout for your order.  Online pricing differences will not be honored in-store. 

** Not all items will be available for curbside and delivery orders. 

** Papa Joe's reserves the right to change times, dates, and terms and conditions of the curbside program at it's discretion.  $15.00 delivery fee is for the first 10 mile radius around the store of the order placed, add $2.50 per mile extra after 10 miles.  Curbside shopping and delivery fees are non-refundable.

Please direct all questions regarding the curbside and delivery program to:

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